Saturday, December 25, 2010

Photoshop CS4 Tutorial: Fast Photo Fixes for Common Photo Problems

Not all photos have a perfect result and there are times that you really want a certain photo but the quality of the photo is not that satisfying. Thanks to Photoshop CS4 tutorial you can do something about this and save every memorable photo you have. There are common picture problems that could occur such as blurry, dull colored, red eyes and tone problems. Fixing this will not really take that long because there are fast photo fixes that you can do. It could take you 10 to 30 minutes to fix these common picture problems and you will get the best results.

First thing you should do is to determine the common photo problem that you want to fix. Once you have done that you can proceed to the next step which is to deal with these problems by using the appropriate tool for each photo problem.

Blurry Photo – There are some photos that are really blurry and because it is a stolen shot or the digital camera you are using has a low quality. You can easily fix this using Photoshop CS4 tutorial by using the Sharpen Tool. But you can actually sharpen the quality of the photo faster by clicking Filter > Sharpen. If you are not satisfied with this fast fix option just hold control (CTRL) + Z to undo the step you made. And if you want to do it manually just use the sharpen tool. Remember to only sharpen spots that are really blurry so your photo won’t be pixelized.

Dull Colored Photo – This is very easy and fast to fix. Upon opening the photo that has a dull color just click on Image > Auto Color. If you think that you didn’t get the right color you want for your photo you can still adjust it, to do this just click on Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. To give your picture better colors just adjust the contrast to the right (positive).

Red Eyes – This is the easiest tool to use. When your photo has red eyes, use Red Eyes tool. To use it, zoom in your photo (CTRL + [+]) until you can clearly see the eyes in the photo than click on the eyes to remove the red eyes.

Unbalanced Tone Problem – There are a lot of ways on how you can solve this problem in just minutes. Photoshop CS4 tutorial have different tools that can fix this problem but the fastest way is to click on Image > Auto Tone. But if you want to do it manually you can use Dodge Tool to lighten certain spots and Burn Tool to darken certain spots. These tools can also be used in other ways. If you notice the effect of the tools in your photo than you can experiment and discover its other use. Just make sure that you will use these tools in the top layer of your photo editing.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photoshop CS4 Tutorial: Basic Editing You Should Learn

Before you will be able to learn about the complicated part in photo editing, you should keep in mind first of the basics. Everything you do will start with the basic steps that is why Photoshop CS4 tutorial is one of the best in photo editing because the basic fundamentals is really easy to follow. Editing a photo with Adobe Photoshop is just like creating an art through drawing with the use of multiple pages, brushes and shapes. If you can imagine yourself creating an art with the use of multiple pages you will find it easy to follow this tutorial.

First part would be about the use of the layers. Pretend that layers are pages of a notebook. The front page will be the one visible to your eyes so whatever you put in the front page that will be the one visible. In this Photoshop CS4 tutorial, if you want to put something in the page behind the front page you should erase some parts of the front page so that the next page would be visible. To do that in making an art by the use of multiple pages, tear some part of the front page so the design in the next page would appear.

Second part is understanding the use of brushes, pencil and other features. Now that you know the use of layers it’s time to design. You can create different designs by the use of brushes, eraser tool and other tools. To be comfortable using is, you can start by experimenting using the different tools.

Third part is to learn from the different styles you can see in this blog. If you get comfortable with the different tools and with this Photoshop CS4 tutorial you will be able to have your own style of designing a photo. Just remember that the top layer will overlay the rest of the other layers so that you won’t be surprised that your design doesn’t appear sometimes. You can also open other images or photos and drag it in another layer which is the easiest type of designing. So just remember about the layers and experimenting on different tools and that will lead you into discovering other things you can do with Adobe Photoshop.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photoshop CS4 Tutorial: How to make your own Wallpaper

Creating your own art or design is easy when you are dedicated in doing it. Most of the time people do not succeed because they give up easily in learning. Here is a simple Photoshop CS4 tutorial that will help you learn on how to make your own free wallpaper. This is just as simple as photo editing and retouching photo or it is even easier. You will have to remember a few tricks and steps to follow.

The first thing you need to do is to create a background. You can do this by clicking on the Gradient Tool (right click). If you want a plain colored background choose the Paint Bucket Tool. But if want to have a fading color or combination of two colors, pick Gradient Tool. Next thing to do is the design. If you want to create a simple design do not make a new layer. But if you want the design to have extra features or additional art create a new layer.

In this Photoshop CS4 tutorial, all the navigations or instructions will not be given out on detail since it is hard to explain how to do certain details. So you will have to figure out on your own the other details that you need to know. Going back on the design, when you will make a new layer that is the time you can make a design with the use of different types of brushes. Or you can also download free wallpaper and imitate the design or photo editing style. Remember that you should keep it simple so that you will learn the things to do step by step.

Now that you have your background design, create a new layer. In this layer you can do several things. You can put a text, image or anything you want. But if you want to learn faster you should put a text rather than an image. Why? Because if you will put an image, you will have to edit the background of the image that you will put this takes a lot of time to do. And editing a background of another image would be found in another Photoshop CS4 tutorial. If you know how to use CS2 or CS3 it would be easier for you to follow these steps.

But if you want to explore on your own photo editing tricks, you can do that. You can download images or free wallpaper where you can practice to edit them. If you are done with all the designs, just right click on one of the layers and click on Flatten Image. After that you can save the file as .JPG, .JPEG or .PNG and you are done.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photoshop CS4 and Online Photo Editing used for Logo Design

Every company or corporation should always have a trade mark. A trade mark is important because it will help customers recognize the company or corporation without the name of the company or corporation. There are a lot of popular trade marks such as the logo for Apple, Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft Corporation and Google. If you notice, the feature that made their logo popular is the logo design. You can actually make your own by the use of online photo editing software’s and Photoshop CS4. But before you can do that, you should know how to use the software.

If you are having a hard time using the software, you can also find websites or blog sites that offer designing of logo’s or banners. Creative Images can make you a unique, original and attractive logo and it is for free. There are some blog sites such as Kzee’s Collection, the 2010 Blog Central and NBA Fantasy Review that have been sponsored by a free banner (it is for free, only a back link exchange was requested).

All the logo design of Creative Images and other sponsored designs are designed with the use of Photoshop CS4 and some online photo editing software’s. As a form of payment, Creative Images will only request for a back link exchange. But if there would be some certain specification in the design, there would be a required payment but it would be really cheap or minimal. The minimal payment will be required because you can only find some free online software that you can use to design.

An example of free online software that you can use is You can use this for but you can also purchase the full version if you want to use all the services they have. Your logo design will not be complete if you will only use free online photo editing software’s. So it is really recommended that you will download or install Photoshop CS4 or CS3.

That is why Creative Images is offering free designing because it is not that easy to make a logo. But if you are really interested in making your own logo, you can find a lot of tutorial in this same blog. Just follow the steps and practice religiously so you can master using a photo editing software.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Adobe Photoshop edited Wallpaper – Free to Download

Creative Images doesn’t only offer tutorial and tips to use photo editing software’s but it also offers free stuff. This free stuff that Creative images offer are products of Creative Images. Stuff like, free wallpaper, banners, template designs and many more could be downloaded for free. In the internet today, you can find a lot of free download sites and this site is one of them.

Just click on the image you see within this article and you can download it for free. Remember that this wallpaper is created and edited using Adobe Photoshop. Just keep on coming back to this site and you will see more new creations by Creative Images. But for now, this is only a sample which could be downloaded. This example here is one example of using a photo editing software. You can also create your own free wallpaper to make by learning from the different tutorials in this site.

If you are tired of looking for free stuff online for free download, you can just make your own designs. In this way, you will even improve your skills in creating creative designs. There are a lot of software’s that you can use to edit photos but Creative Images recommend that you should use Adobe Photoshop. This is the best software you can use to make your own wallpaper and other creative stuff you can put in your PC.

When you have decided to download and save the offered free wallpaper, you can actually use it as your sample for learning process. The entire tutorial posted in this site is used in the image you can download. If you are looking for other free download sites, you can also try to visit Kzee’s Collection. In this site, there are different articles and posts that involve music, movies, sports, news and many more. You can also find links and other sources of wallpaper, cursors and many more.

This is the best offer that Creative Images can offer. Since all of the designs are the result of using Adobe Photoshop, the stuff you can find here is free to anyone.

There will be more tutorials to come in the next few weeks. The next few tutorials will be much more complicated than the previous tutorials posted. But Creative Images will try their best to make these tutorials easier to follow.