Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photoshop CS4 and Online Photo Editing used for Logo Design

Every company or corporation should always have a trade mark. A trade mark is important because it will help customers recognize the company or corporation without the name of the company or corporation. There are a lot of popular trade marks such as the logo for Apple, Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft Corporation and Google. If you notice, the feature that made their logo popular is the logo design. You can actually make your own by the use of online photo editing software’s and Photoshop CS4. But before you can do that, you should know how to use the software.

If you are having a hard time using the software, you can also find websites or blog sites that offer designing of logo’s or banners. Creative Images can make you a unique, original and attractive logo and it is for free. There are some blog sites such as Kzee’s Collection, the 2010 Blog Central and NBA Fantasy Review that have been sponsored by a free banner (it is for free, only a back link exchange was requested).

All the logo design of Creative Images and other sponsored designs are designed with the use of Photoshop CS4 and some online photo editing software’s. As a form of payment, Creative Images will only request for a back link exchange. But if there would be some certain specification in the design, there would be a required payment but it would be really cheap or minimal. The minimal payment will be required because you can only find some free online software that you can use to design.

An example of free online software that you can use is You can use this for but you can also purchase the full version if you want to use all the services they have. Your logo design will not be complete if you will only use free online photo editing software’s. So it is really recommended that you will download or install Photoshop CS4 or CS3.

That is why Creative Images is offering free designing because it is not that easy to make a logo. But if you are really interested in making your own logo, you can find a lot of tutorial in this same blog. Just follow the steps and practice religiously so you can master using a photo editing software.

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