Sunday, October 31, 2010

Adjusting Brightness and Color

Before making any creative or artistic designs, it is important that you will check the main image if the brightness and color is proportion. If you want to make your design livelier, you should know how toy use Adobe Photoshop for adjusting brightness and color. Of course the color should be a little bit darker than the original one to make it look livelier. And when it comes to brightness, it will be the setting that will suppress the color or make it evenly proportion to look at.

Another thing you should remember is to know the source of the image that you will edit. If it came from a high quality camera, you will have minimal adjustments done. But if it came from an old type of camera or an ordinary digital camera, you will have to edit its color and brightness so that you can catch up with the quality of high class cameras.

After adjusting the brightness and the color, you can start with the creative and artistic design you want to add. And when you are starting to edit the image, remember to combine other images or layers that will be compatible to the brightness and color of the main image. If you will put dull colored images or layers, it may not blend with the main image. But there are exceptions, especially if you are going to make an effect that the surrounding or the design of the main image will be dull or some sort of “old look”.