Saturday, December 25, 2010

Photoshop CS4 Tutorial: Fast Photo Fixes for Common Photo Problems

Not all photos have a perfect result and there are times that you really want a certain photo but the quality of the photo is not that satisfying. Thanks to Photoshop CS4 tutorial you can do something about this and save every memorable photo you have. There are common picture problems that could occur such as blurry, dull colored, red eyes and tone problems. Fixing this will not really take that long because there are fast photo fixes that you can do. It could take you 10 to 30 minutes to fix these common picture problems and you will get the best results.

First thing you should do is to determine the common photo problem that you want to fix. Once you have done that you can proceed to the next step which is to deal with these problems by using the appropriate tool for each photo problem.

Blurry Photo – There are some photos that are really blurry and because it is a stolen shot or the digital camera you are using has a low quality. You can easily fix this using Photoshop CS4 tutorial by using the Sharpen Tool. But you can actually sharpen the quality of the photo faster by clicking Filter > Sharpen. If you are not satisfied with this fast fix option just hold control (CTRL) + Z to undo the step you made. And if you want to do it manually just use the sharpen tool. Remember to only sharpen spots that are really blurry so your photo won’t be pixelized.

Dull Colored Photo – This is very easy and fast to fix. Upon opening the photo that has a dull color just click on Image > Auto Color. If you think that you didn’t get the right color you want for your photo you can still adjust it, to do this just click on Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. To give your picture better colors just adjust the contrast to the right (positive).

Red Eyes – This is the easiest tool to use. When your photo has red eyes, use Red Eyes tool. To use it, zoom in your photo (CTRL + [+]) until you can clearly see the eyes in the photo than click on the eyes to remove the red eyes.

Unbalanced Tone Problem – There are a lot of ways on how you can solve this problem in just minutes. Photoshop CS4 tutorial have different tools that can fix this problem but the fastest way is to click on Image > Auto Tone. But if you want to do it manually you can use Dodge Tool to lighten certain spots and Burn Tool to darken certain spots. These tools can also be used in other ways. If you notice the effect of the tools in your photo than you can experiment and discover its other use. Just make sure that you will use these tools in the top layer of your photo editing.

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